Normal Propyl Alcohol(NPA)
          Synthetic butyl alcohol
          Octyl alcohol
          n-amyl alcohol
          Normal propyl acetate
          Synthetic butyl alcohol


Features: It is a colorless liquid with pungent taste. Boiling point:48℃ ; melting point:-8 1℃ ; density: 0. 798g/cm3. It is soluble in water and can be dissolved together with alcohol and ether. Besides, it is stimulating to skin, eyes, mouth and nose. The maximum density in air is not allowed to surpass 8000ppm. Its chemical features are active, so it can react with hydrogen to generate propyl alcohol, produce propionic acid after oxidizing reaction and tend to trigger Polymerization.

Application : Propionaldehyde is the main material to produce normal propyl alcohol,propionic acid(preservative raw material),dimethylolpropionic acid (water-borne polyurethane raw material), organic glass monomer methyl methacrylate, trimethylolethane (raw material of resin), acetone oxime (a kind of water treatment agent). In addition, propionaldehyde can be used as an polymerization inhibitor in the process of producing polyethylene as well as the accelerator and antiager of synthetic resin and rubber. At the same time, it can be used for anti-freezing agent, lubricant and dehydrating agent. It is widely applied to many industries, such as medicine, paint, plastic, spice, rubber, food and feed etc. It is a recognized basic raw material for fine chemical engineering.

Package: 160kg/drum; it should be stored in low temperature and sealed condition and can be delivered by tank.

Storage: Avoid storing in air as it is easy to turn into acid after oxidization. Usually, it is stored in aluminum or stainless steel containers or carbon steel containers with phenolic resin lining. Since it is combustible, red mark should be attached when it is delivered.


Technical index
Colorless transparent liquid with no visible impurities
The mass fraction of aldehyde content,,%≥
The mass fraction of moisture content,%
Acid (with propionic acid) content,%≤

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